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Heroes of Newerth

[Heroes of Newerth Match] Mission Impossible

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# 1debill Aug 29 2012, 14:47 PM

Match ID : 99183428

Worktime : 2 hours

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# 2syllable Aug 29 2012, 16:37 PM
Epic indeed.

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Game: Heroes of Newerth

# 34as Aug 30 2012, 13:14 PM
Nice ohmy.gif

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Game: Heroes of Newerth

# 4MiniDonbeE Sep 2 2012, 02:47 AM
Gj, Gj... but then again you did have 4 carries and an andro... you have possibly the best lategame team that there could ever be.... MQ,Andro+ Gladiator... Pretty impressive and nice comeback biggrin.gif It rememinds me of a few of my biggest comebacks, 1 with defiler with a shitty team vs a cd with wind bow, frostwolf, ghosts, geo where I came back from 1 rax, we only had 1 rax left and we held that rax for about 30 minutes, they just couldn't kill our ranged rax, eventually I became 2 much of a beast defiler with 6khp, retarded armour, regen, slow etc. Another one was a very recent one 3v5 comeback when I was on Parasite with a gladi, we had only 4 rax out of the 6 up and we held to those for about 40 minutes until we died, they took one set, then we went all in, doombringers and shit and BARELY won. I ended with something like29-14 or somat.. and another one as tdl vs draconis, team had given up, team was really bad but 1k crits do quite a bit.... drac was lvl 17 when I was 14, they took early mid and bot raxes but we still won.... I had to get a big doombringer to carry the team though.. 1.4k crits , 1 shotting voodoo and aluna... 2 shotting arma.. etc etc xD 2 shotting drac... feels good man.

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# 54as Sep 2 2012, 09:40 AM
It also reminds me of that one time no one cares about.

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Game: Heroes of Newerth

# 6Golle Sep 2 2012, 19:48 PM
epic but I really wonder how your enemies can be so trash... I mean so many towers and raxx down and they got such bad items Oo

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# 7houseofdeath Sep 2 2012, 22:51 PM
Glad got a bulwark. sad.gif

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# 8Vertigo(TM) Oct 14 2012, 11:36 AM
Imo nice come back!

But ur opponents where not the smartest nor the best opponents.

Suiciding on the shrine is easy push when least expected.
They should have farmed doombringers and gg

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# 9Ang3lic Oct 18 2012, 01:36 AM
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