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World in Conflict

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# 1Marauder709 Sep 20 2007, 20:26 PM
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# 2Distant Thunder Dec 13 2007, 18:26 PM
Unstoppable force.

If you have someone that you can cummunicate good with then have one of you be armor and one of you be support. the support gets aa and repair tanks(1-2). the armor can get a mix of heavy tanks (3-4) medium tank(1-3) and 1 or two armored transports.( the armored transports arent really that important but they can help take out infantry.
When you get thsi working good the only way it can be stopped would be by a large antitank squad or by a tactical aid strike.

This tip may already have been used but here it is.
You can edit this and make it sound better I was just getting a simple basic tip.

If you want pictures I can help you get them.

Let me know

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