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Heavy AA Smoke Shield

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# 1xFactor Oct 16 2007, 04:30 AM
[h1]Heavy AA Smoke Shield(When Heavy Helios outnumber you)[/h1]

A lot of times Anti Air run into enemy tank units while trying to shut down enemy Choppers which results in most of your Anti Air units being annihilated miserably. Other times you just did not have enough points and send limited numbers of Anti Air like 2 or 1 with your teammates tanks, and then you see 4 Heavy Choppers coming at you.

IPB Image

In this situation, best thing is to make sure you in range of hitting those Choppers and then enable smoke on them. What this would do is if enemy is locked on your units, because of smoke they can't see you so they just would fly right on top of you like an easy prey. Thats when you just stay and shot them down. Very easy to do, very effective.

IPB Image

By: Excelsis.hT

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