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Airborne Infantry

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# 1Lynx AH-7 Jan 7 2008, 20:40 PM
[h1]Airborne Infantry[/h1]

In this week’s ToTW we will take a close look at Airborne Infantry and what makes them a very versatile and dangerous unit when they are used in the right way.

Airborne Infantry units are available to every faction and role through the TA menu, although their cost varies between roles. 4 highly trained infantry Rangers/Spetsnaz/Legionnaires are paradropped into an area selected by the player.

Armed with deadly assault rifles and the ability to call in artillery strikes on nearby coordinates, they are ideally suited to weakening a position before an assault or harassing and sabotaging advancing enemy forces. They are also useful for a cheap way of securing a foothold in unoccupied command points or other areas of the map.

Costs -

  • Air - 10, 20, 30 (TA)
  • Armour - 8, 16, 24
  • Infantry - 5, 10, 15
  • Support - 10, 20, 30
  • Deployment Time - 35 seconds
  • Recharge Time - 90 seconds

The most common place to stick Airborne Infantry is an area near the enemies spawn point. This way they are effectively a forward observer and are able to observe what the enemy is doing next and also direct incoming artillery fire (including their own) at them. They can also cause a nuisance to enemy infantry that may be passing by, in groups of 2 or more, Airborne Infantry are highly efficient infantry killers.

IPB Image
A lone Airborne unit makes their presence known in the enemies spawn area heavily damaging these tanks

However, sometimes it isn’t always best to make their presence known. You could keep the unit there for most of the game and using the Intel gathered by that unit to your advantage. Remember to put the Airborne squad on hold fire so that they do not fire on enemy units and reveal themselves! You could still use Direct Artillery strikes on unwary opposition units who may think it was an artillery strike from another TA ability.

Airborne units are also normally used as a cheap way to capture and then fortify command points and then be a first line of defence to that command point. They can hide in the buildings or forests around a point and then use their Direct Artillery strike to eliminate enemy units that try to capture it!

IPB Image
Two Airborne units are on call to swoop into this uncontested point and then ready to defend it after it is secure

Airborne units can also assist in attacks on enemy command points although they are less equipped to deal with these situations where Direct Artillery may not be enough to clear one area. Like other infantry units they can use the available cover surrounding a point and help capture one if not all of the control points on one command point.

IPB Image
Two Airborne units come out of hiding and eliminate enemy infantry to clear a path for friendly units

Offensive Capability – Direct Artillery

IPB Image
Reload Time – 90 secs (77, 63, 50, 41)

Arguably one of the best special abilities any unit has in the game, a Direct artillery strike launches two artillery shells similar to the USSR 2S7 Pion which can devastate all units unfortunate to be caught up in the blast. The shells take 7 seconds to hit their target so it is a lot easier to predict where to place it on moving units than other artillery strikes.

The artillery strike can be used like any other TA strike to weaken incoming enemy units by placing it ahead of them or to take out units defending or fortifying a command point. The Airborne infantry unit can use themselves as bait and lead unsuspecting enemy units into an artillery blast trap, in combination with their defensive ability!

Defensive Capability – Sprint

IPB Image
Recharge Time – 20 secs (17, 14, 11, 9)
Duration – 10 secs

Like all other infantry units, Airborne infantry have the ability to sprint (these troops aren’t lazy!) for a short duration although they cannot fire back at units during this time however you still can place a Direct artillery call.

[h1]By Lynx AH-7[/h1]

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# 2Smart Jan 31 2008, 03:00 AM
useful biggrin.gif

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# 3Lynx AH-7 Jan 31 2008, 19:44 PM
Thanks, feel free to read the rest of our tips too and if you have other queries you want to ask or even a request for us to write a new tip on something you want, feel free!

Also we welcome any tips/suggestions of your own, which may end up on the portal happy.gif

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# 4Smart Feb 2 2008, 15:41 PM
ha thanks, i dont have many questions because i play alot. smile.gif

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