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Company of Heroes 2

TAW 2vs2 Tournament (Open to all)

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# 1TAW_Nullify Oct 13 2014, 00:28 AM
The Art of Warfare is proud to announce we are hosting a 2vs2 CoH2 tournament. The tournament will be double elimination, this means each team must lose 2 games to be disqualified.

TAW is offering a reward of two $20 steam gift cards to 1st place, and 2nd place will receive 2 DLC commanders of your choice per player. At this time we are preferring teams from North American time zone to apply, outside this time zone can apply but must defer to North American time zone for game scheduling.

Make sure to go to our official tournament website, this is where we will be posting all of our information, such as rules, dates, team names, brackets, and all other information related to the tournament.

Bookmark this page to keep up to date. The cut off for joining will be 10/25/14. The tournament will start the following day.

To sign up for the Tournament click this link and complete this form.

Our official website tournament

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# 2Damichem Oct 13 2014, 05:07 AM

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