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Posted by: DGA_Sauron Jul 12 2015, 08:16 AM


For those who are still playing Tiberium Alliances and are not affiliated to one of the current major alliances there is a new alliance on the rise.

In september we will launch a new initiative called "Hydra Corp"! We already have over 50 players signed up for this new challenge.

We will start out with 3 alliances on our new world to rival and crush any who deny us our rightfull place in TA History!

IPB Image

Hydra is an international alliance with people from; India, Malaysia, Oman, Argentina, US, Croatia, Slovakia, Czech, Germany, UK, Netherlands, France, Spain, Poland, Egypt and Australia. Our main language is English and we have various platforms to communicate(ingame-forums-Skype and Teamspeak).

Are you interested? Then reply here or send me a private message smile.gif

Or you can apply directly by filling in the spreadsheet here:

Kind Regards,

DGA_Sauron CiC Hydra Corp

Posted by: DGA_Sauron Sep 2 2015, 21:26 PM

Hydra Corp Starting on Wrath III tomorrow

Hydra Corp Will start on Wrath III on 3 September 10:00 UTC
IPB Image

"We will take our rightful place by force and dominate all others, those who deny it are our foes." - DGA_Sauron

Hydra Corp is an international alliance consisting out of experienced players from all over the world. We are located in the East Sector and english is our main way of communication.

You will be able to follow our weekly progress on the Hydra Corp propaganda channel at the C&C TA Forum.

If you are interested in joining our main alliance or one of our sister alliances please respond here or send me a pm.

Kind Regards,


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