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Red Alert 3


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# 1Khay_ Apr 7 2022, 18:37 PM
Red Alert 3 Name: OMICRON7VIRUS aka OnlyFFA aka GOproHeroX
Shattabrick profiles:



Reason: Intentional Desync
Explanation: We beated him good and he gave up. However i believe he stayed in game after losing and desync'd game for everyone else on purpose.
Attached File Omicron_possible_desync.RA3Replay
Size: 295.11k
Number of downloads: 4
Player Name Side Team
DachiMK 3
DonaldTrump2020 1
BluejayDrone 3
redalertvndotcom 2
RadegasT_ 2

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Clan: H2O

Game: Red Alert 3

# 2Cervanthes May 1 2022, 18:35 PM
Valid Report

After reviewing the provided evidence, can I confirm that as khay says OMICRON7VIRUS gets defeated and shortly after that the game does Desync. Because there are no other significant engagements happening at the time the desync occurs have I decided to set this report as Valid.

I give OMICRON7VIRUS 3 full days to explain or defend himself on that matter, if I do not hear from him within the given time I will confirm this report and sanctions may be imposed

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