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Posted by: Gnats3 Nov 10 2008, 01:29 AM

The 2nd Season of's ClanLeague Intergalactic Colosseum is finished!

After 6 exciting playdays, we have to announce that this season was a total success.

The results are as follows:

1st: VoW: 70
2nd: Lo4: 44
3rd: BPT: 37
4th: WFW: 26

In this season we had a lot of fun! One reason for that was that all clans had a really good playerbase! In the 1st season a lot of the games had to be postponed or cancelled due to a lack of players, but this time, only one game out of 60 had to be cancelled. Although we increased the minimum number of players per clan, all of the participating clans had enough players online. We also rarely had waiting times. Everyone was on time, so no delays occured.

We will be hosting a new season, so stay tuned! We expect it to start in 3-4 weeks.
We also got some feedback from the team leaders, and maybe one or the other will lend us a helping hand, so we will have more manpower for the league.

We are also discussing new rules and will try to attract more clans, so we may have 6-8 clans for the next season.

Thanks to everyone and congrats to VoW!

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