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Boss 2 General - Download/Install/Info and updates

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# 1Jundiyy Dec 7 2020, 14:35 PM
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After enabling the Boss General
I got to work with making my own Boss General, AKA Boss 2.
Everything has been taken from ZH, there are a few things that are slightly different but otherwise everything is as you know it.
Currently the AI doesn't work, I have no idea if and when I will get to work on it as I am currently working on the Boss General (Leang) AI.

To install/play, extract the file and place it in your main ZH folder, NOT THE DOCUMENTS folders, mine is: C:\Program Files (x86)\EA Games\Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour
To remove/uninstall, remove the file from the folder.

Note: I have also added the Boss General to this mod, please check which version has been added when you download Boss 2.

Boss 2 Beta 1.2 + Boss Mod Beta 2.0

Attached File _Boss2Beta1.2.zip
Size: 2.97mb
Number of downloads: 595
Player Name Side Team

Change log
Nuclear Reactor $1100 > $1200
EMP Patriot $1000 > $1200, 25s > 30s
Raptor $900 > $1000
Toxin Tractor Drone Commandset order now fixed
Patriotism AKA Fanaticism now available in the Black Market after you upgrade Nationalism.
Battlemasters now benefit from Patriotism
Battlemasters now shows the IsotopeStability cameo
Battlemasters now shows the Nationalism cameo
Rebel now shows the Booby Trap cameo
Scud Storm now shows the Anthrax Gamma cameo
Reinforcement Pad now drops the correct Battlemaster (Boss 2 has a different one in it's files as well)
Reinforcement Pad now drops the correct Gattling Tank (Boss 2 has a different one in it's files as well)

Older Versions
Boss 2 Beta 1.1 + Boss Mod Beta 2.0

Attached File _Boss2Beta1.1.zip
Size: 3.02mb
Number of downloads: 459
Player Name Side Team

Change log
Battlemaster $1000 > $1100
Bug Fix - Uranium Shells upgrade now works at the Scud Storm.

Boss 2 Beta 1 + Boss Mod Beta 2.0

Attached File _Boss2Beta1.zip
Size: 3.02mb
Number of downloads: 108
Player Name Side Team

Boss 2 General info:
A USA Boss General AKA USA Armour General

All vehicles (excluding Dozers and drones) get drones.
All buildings spawn Rangers.
All buildings auto repair.


USA Command Centre $2000 45s
Nuke Nuclear Reactor (no mines) $1100 10s
GLA Supply Stash $1500 15s
USA Barracks $600 10s
USA War Factory $2000 15s
AirForce Airfield $900 30s
SuperWeapon EMP Patriot $1000 25s
GLA Stinger Site $900 22.5s
China Bunker (no mines) $400 5s
GLA Demo Trap $400 7.5s
China Speaker Tower $500 10s
GLA Black Market $2500 45s (requires War Factory or Airfield or Strategy Centre)
AirForce Strategy Centre $2500 60s
SuperWeapon Particle Uplink Cannon $5000 60s
Toxin Scud Storm $6000 60s


(Command Centre)
GLA Dozer $1000 5s

(Supply Stash)
GLA Worker $150 4s (can't build anything)
AirForce Chinook $1200 10s (requires Airfield or War Factory)

Demo Rebel $150 6s
GLA RPG $300 6s
USA Missile Defender $300 4.5s (requires Strategy Centre)
Stealth Hijacker $650 20s (requires War Factory or Airfield)
GLA Saboteur $750 20s (requires War Factory)
USA Colonel Burton $1500 20s (requires Strategy Centre)
GLA Jarmen Kell $1500 25s (requires Strategy Centre + Particle Uplink Cannon)
USA Pathfinder $900 15s
USA BioHazard Tech $200 5s
Demo Terrorist $250 7.5s

(War Factory)
USA Paladin Tank $900 10s
GLA Technical $600 7s
Tank Gattling Tank $800 10s
Toxin Toxin Tractor $650 7.5s
USA Microwave Tank $800 10s (requires Strategy Centre)
Nuke Battlemaster $1000 13s (requires Strategy Centre)
USA Sentry Drone $500 + 7s
China Inferno $900 11s (requires War Factory + Airfield)
GLA Rocket Buggy $1000 15s (requires Strategy Centre)
USA Repair Drone $500 5s
AirForce Avenger $1500 15s (requires Strategy Centre)
USA Amphibious Transport $500 10s

USA Raptor $900 15s
AirForce Stealth Fighter
USAAurora (requires Strategy Centre)
AirForce Comanche + $1300
China Helix $2000 17.5s

Extra units
USA Ranger
USA Pilot


Capture Upgrade
Flash Bang
Anthrax Gamma

Stealth Upgarde
Rocket Pods
Bunker Buster Bombs
Laser Guided Missiles

(Speaker Tower)
Subliminal Messaging

(Black Market)
Supply Lines
Composite Armour
Chain Guns
Drone Armour
AP Rockets
Black Napalm
Worker Shoes

(Strategy Centre)
Supply Lines
AirForce Carpet at rank 5
Advanced Training
Composite Armour
Auto Loader
Rocket Buggy Ammo
Isotope Stability

(Particle Uplink Cannon)

General Powers

---RANK 1---
Battlemaster vet 2 Training
Early Emergency Repair Level 2
Frenzy Level 2
---RANK 3---
Cash Bounty Level 2
Tank Drop Level 2
Cash Hack Level 2
Leaflet Drop
Nuke Carpet Bomb
---RANK 5---
AF Carpet (requires Strategy Centre)
Fuel Air Bomb

What benefits from which upgrade?

---Worker Shoes---
---Camo Netting---
Stinger Sites
---Capture Upgrade---
---Flash Bang---
---Anthrax Gamma---
Toxin Tractor
RPGs upgrade to non-upgraded Tox RPGs
Stinger Sites become Tox Stinger Sites
Scud Storm
---Stealth Upgrade---
---Rocket Pods---
All Air units
---Bunker Buster Bombs---
Stealth Fighters
---Laser Guided Missiles---
Stealth Fighters
---Subliminal Messaging---
Speaker Tower
---Supply Lines---
Oil Derricks
Black Markets (extra $3)
---Composite Armour---
All Vehicles including Dozers
All defences
Speaker Tower
Black Market
Drones (Sentry/Repair/Amphibious Transport)
---Chain Guns---
Gattling Tanks
---Drone Armour---
Sentry Drone
Repair Drone
Amphibious Transport
Vehicle Drones
---AP Rockets---
Rocket Buggies
Stinger Sites
---Black Napalm---
Inferno Cannons
---Advanced Training---
Nearly all units except Drones, Pilots and Dozers.
---Auto Loader---
Paladin - 2 shots (50 x 2)
---Rocket Buggy Ammo---
Rocket Buggies
---Isotop Stability---

Added but unused things, can be found in the files.

Laser Laser Turret
China Gattling Tank
USA Ambulance $700
China Battlemaster (requires Strategy Centre)

Boss 2 Tourney Beta 1.1

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# 2FiRe^ArM Dec 7 2020, 14:44 PM
Why no lotus? Feminists, where are you all?

On a serious note, would be nice if there was lotus.
Can increase all hero unit cost to not to make it op.

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# 3Jundiyy Dec 7 2020, 15:03 PM
That is possible yes but I was trying to keep it more like a normal General. I added Kell as an even higher tier unit. Can't get him till you get a Super Weapon.

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# 4FiRe^ArM Dec 8 2020, 10:05 AM
Add dragon tank too if it's ok. It's the best unit in entire ZH

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# 5Jundiyy Dec 8 2020, 13:33 PM
Lol, I could add in a lot of stuff but it depends. If something is not working with what I already have then yes I will look for other alternatives. But currently I want to see how this works.

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# 6-The^TeKeN^ Dec 19 2020, 18:17 PM
USA BioHazard Tech!

Any use for him?

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# 7Jundiyy Dec 19 2020, 20:29 PM
He is the walking Ambulance. Well kind of, he cleans up radiation and toxins.

He does NOT repair units. For this, use the Repair Drone.

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# 8Jundiyy Feb 23 2021, 22:25 PM
Beta 1.2 is now out, Change log can be found in the first post.

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# 9MeZa Mar 16 2021, 01:18 AM
Who plays this and what's the best place to get Boss Gen games?

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# 10Jundiyy Mar 16 2021, 03:16 AM
There aren't many that play this pvp unless a tournament is hosted but you'd probably have more success on my discord channel (can check any of my YouTube video descriptions for a link). It has a room for Boss and Boss 2, people ask for games from time to time.

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