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Hydra Corp

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# 1DGA_Sauron Jul 12 2015, 08:16 AM

For those who are still playing Tiberium Alliances and are not affiliated to one of the current major alliances there is a new alliance on the rise.

In september we will launch a new initiative called "Hydra Corp"! We already have over 50 players signed up for this new challenge.

We will start out with 3 alliances on our new world to rival and crush any who deny us our rightfull place in TA History!

IPB Image

Hydra is an international alliance with people from; India, Malaysia, Oman, Argentina, US, Croatia, Slovakia, Czech, Germany, UK, Netherlands, France, Spain, Poland, Egypt and Australia. Our main language is English and we have various platforms to communicate(ingame-forums-Skype and Teamspeak).

Are you interested? Then reply here or send me a private message smile.gif

Or you can apply directly by filling in the spreadsheet here: Hydra Corp Spreadsheet

Kind Regards,

DGA_Sauron CiC Hydra Corp

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