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About the [BORG] Clan

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# 1StarTrekker Aug 30 2005, 12:03 PM
BORG Clan Information

Static Banner
IPB Image
Banner developed by the BORG Queen – StarTrekker!

Game Type: Zero Hour

Leader & Founder: StarTrekker

Clan Name/Acronym: Brotherhood Of Reputable Generals.

Clan Tag: [BORG]

Slogan: We will adapt. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.
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Size: 365.18k
Number of downloads: 73

Introduction: The aim of this clan is to play with the highest levels of honour whilst having fun and getting great games.

This is definitely a play on Star Trek. Some basics of the “real” BORG (from Star Trek) are that they are an inter-connected group of cybernetic organisms (cyborgs). The network that connects them is called the collective. The entity that controls the collective and gives each drone (individual) direction is the Queen. Through the direction of the Queen, drones fly ships (cubes and spheres) around the galaxy in their ultimate quest of attaining perfection by assimilating worthy enemies, adapting to resistance, never giving up and applying constant pressure. The BORG are relentless, highly adaptive conquerors.

Sub-slogan: Honour is greater than victory, but we’ll strive for both.

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Clan: [BORG]

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