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WTT HoN key for a LoL key

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# 1AmFun Aug 1 2009, 09:13 AM
Im looking to trade a HoN beta key for a LoL key if interested hit me up via pm this thread or my email kibblesnbits0956@yahoo.com

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# 2HappyNihil Aug 1 2009, 09:40 AM
No chance whatsoever.
HoN keys are "worthless" for purposes of changing them for something else, there is a large surplus of them, while LoL are very hard to get
try to get key by posting on official LoL forums, they have a raffle

I mean Ive seen people willing to give 20+ beta keys, small cash and invites to private trackers for 1 LoL beta key. And they didnt succeed.

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# 3Calneon Aug 1 2009, 19:04 PM
Makes me feel lucky to have got one of the 3000 they were giving away last night. I played 1 game though and it pales in comparison to HoN. The interface graphics are terrible, it feels much less polished than HoN.

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# 4Revise Aug 2 2009, 18:39 PM
Is there a surplus of HoN keys? because if so I have some friends IRL that also want to play wacko.gif

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# 5-Izzo- Aug 2 2009, 18:54 PM
There's been given tens of thousands of Hon keys for something that requires no effort (like the facebook thing). LoL keys on the other hand haven't been handed out that easily. So trying to trade hon key for lol key is like trying to trade El rune for Ist, not gonna happen.

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# 6loGii Aug 8 2009, 19:10 PM
What's LoL? And don't say Laughing out Loud

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# 7evotech Aug 8 2009, 20:33 PM
laughing out loud

its League of Legends

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# 8SmokeFx Aug 9 2009, 14:59 PM
I'm assuming this guy isn't coming back...

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