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Kanes Wrath

Comparing vScrin vs subfactions

What is the best Scrin in your opinion?
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7.69% (1)
69.23% (9)

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# 1Quiox Jan 27 2015, 11:08 AM
So, when starting to play Scrin i thought that Reaper-17 was the best, now i came to the conclusion having the option to switch to a lil' more airforce is better. Traveler i find to be good on 2v2's and 3v3's where a lot of big units come into play; cultists rock then. So, what do you think is the best allround subfac for Scrin? Maybe even vScrin? Vote!
Additionally, if you wish type in comments what YOU think the factions are really great in.

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# 2Zeko Sep 13 2017, 03:33 AM
Reaper is basically a copy/paste of vScrin with some modifications. Trav is more unique with completely new units unlike anything else in the standard Scrin arsenal i.e. cultists.
Both factions are excellent though and perform very well at what they are designed to do.

I really like Reaper because their style suits me best. I like the idea of steamrolling and lots of fire power. Reaper tripods are great and significantly better than standard annihilator tripods in every way. The charged up beams do around 20% more dps per shot and are even more powerful with the 1.02+ conversion reserves bug fix. Shields are half the cost of Vscrin shields and upgrade 30 seconds faster. It mean you can have fully upgraded more powerful and cost efficient tripods up in much better time than vScrin.

Shardwalkers are basically just higher dps versions of gunwalkers. SWs do 50% more dps right out the door unupgraded and do double the dps as GWs when fully upgraded with blue shards. They are slightly more expensive but not much. They have one drawback compared to the GW and that's the inability to shoot on the move. GWs can still fire in a small radius in front of them while moving which is crucial when fighting fast infantry like cultists and for dealing with air that tries to kite you. SWs must stand still while firing and which makes them easily kiteable. That's actually game breaking against certain factions like Trav and GDI/Zocom zoneheads. SWs are still vastly superior than GWs against bulky infantry like Blackhand manspam and will shred apart those black disciples in no time. Shielded harvesters make R17 a little better at surviving rushes which is very nice ( shields on a harvester can absorb a full bike volley before taking normal damage and that's enough time to save the harvester imo). Growth accelerators are actually really nice in the right situation, especially on large maps where you can place more of them down. The tib adds up quickly and you'll notice it. This allows R17 to build their own tib spikes and isn't taken advantage of enough. Yes theyre are fragile and may not seem worth it. If you're on a large map with plenty of tib fields like T-decision or any 2v2/3v3 map then they are definitely worth it.

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