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CNC Zero Hour

Hijacker Capturing Stealth Units

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# 1-NickName Jul 23 2021, 10:13 AM
Marakar hijacking stealthed buggies, Gentool detects lock under the fog of war several times.

Marakar was streaming the game, here you can see that he used guard mode for his hijackers. Gentool time is 10.30 when the hijackers got the command, at 10.34 there is a notification from gentool:
Attached Image

First hijacker got the buggy already, second one goes to his target here:
Attached Image

And has gotten a stealth buggy:
Attached Image

From an observing POV, hijackers waiting with guard mode:
Attached Image

1 buggy captured, other hijacker on his way to another stealth buggy:
Attached Image

He got it, stealing a stealth buggy will result in a stealth buggy for yourself:
Attached Image

Replay can be downloaded to check for yourself, if you want to watch it, you also need the map.

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Attached File Marakar_Roll_hijackerbug.rep
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Marakar 0
Attached File GLA_Oil_Rampage_ZH.rar
Size: 135.75k
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# 2xezon Jul 23 2021, 12:43 PM
Looks like bug. Should be possible to fix.

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