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A guide to understanding netcode discussion

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# 1Onyx Apr 13 2016, 22:19 PM
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Why did Hanzo get shot or hooked, even when behind cover? Why did Tracer die after blinking?

- Here, Hanzo gets shot behind cover at 0.09s

- Here, you can see Pharah firing the rocket and the ammunition count decreasing but it only shows on the client side.

There is a lot of talk regarding general performance of Overwatch and unfortunately with it there is also a large amount of misinformation. This behavior that everyone is complaining about is present in every online multiplayer FPS game ever made, to varying degrees.

There are basically three factors that contribute here: Your latency, your opponents latency, and interpolation delay.

By large, your latency, and your opponents latency are the biggest factors here, and no matter how the game is built, if you are playing against someone who lags, you are going to get shot around corners.

But what does it mean? Look no further, here's an article that explains the terminology. Thanks to Diploid's article, we can gain perspective to the difference that various factors make in terms of how the game plays.

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# 2RRcabal Apr 14 2016, 00:00 AM
It's interesting to see this article, basiclcy explains almost everything weird happening in Overwatch, for me I their was a few times where I got shot behind a wall, or shot players through objects, I even got accused of hacking at one point, I mean how can I hack when the game hasn't even been out yet? sad.gif

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# 3-Netput Apr 14 2016, 07:41 AM
Nice guide thum.gif

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# 4Onyx Apr 14 2016, 21:04 PM
Awesome article Diploid! Thank you for sharing smile.gif

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