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Posted by: Amfilohije Oct 28 2010, 22:33 PM

Here is a nice tactics to play with Elves,I have tried it against every other faction and it works good...

The key is to make Thranduil as soon as possible. Than you quickly go harrasing your opponent...Thrand is stealthed, so you can easily pick off his troops or harrass his buildings...Of course,together with that, you must make an army, but the best army to mix with Thranduil is a mass of archers,first lorien than mirkwood, and cavalry...late in the game,you also make Legolas...

Thranduil+Legolas+silverthorn Mirkwood archers=you are unpenetrable, and able to quickly level both heroes to highest levels, and then those two guys (thrand+legolas) are invincible...

However,you should be vigilant when playing against isengard, because Lurch with cripple+wargs can kill Thrand, and wargs can harass you efficiently...Therefore, you should get stables and rivendall lancers asap, to fight off the wolves and save Thrand if in trouble...

Posted by: angelsfan Oct 28 2010, 23:04 PM

Use Thranduil to harass buildings... :facepalm:

Posted by: MasterOfPhate Oct 29 2010, 06:04 AM

Hello there, welcome to biggrin.gif

It is generally best to use Thranduil as anti cavalry and anti hero, but not just for the sake of getting him. He is a very situational hero, not as good as you make him out to be.

Posted by: angelsfan Oct 29 2010, 06:14 AM

I'll be productive now. smile.gif

Imo, Thranduil should never be gotten until late game. He is not a support hero, he is not a harasser, his main role is to deal damage to heroes and strong units. There are much better options for the Elves in terms of heroes, such as Glorfindel for harassment or Haldir for support.

Obviously, once you get Thranduil and an upgraded archer army with Silverthorn (Mirkwoods are actually worse in some regards with Silverthorn) you will have a great army, but you could say that about pretty much any hero with a fully upgraded army. But tbh, the opponent should never let you get to that stage according to the gameplay you are describing. Even as Elves, you still need to harass and attack, rather than sit back and defend. And you will be torn apart in early/mid game without any Mithlond Sentries.

Posted by: Airsupreme Oct 29 2010, 13:23 PM

i always rush thran vs dwarves and it works great biggrin.gif his lvl 4 ability is awesome vs heroes and bws.

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