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Shit Maps

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# 1Nuclear Arbitor Feb 19 2014, 06:42 AM
Certain maps are very badly setup and balanced and i think a large part of it has to do with the asymmetry. the most recent maps seem to be the worst.

keeping in mind that i play germans, particular maps that come to mind are:

Don River: the left side of the map is effectively uncontested, giving whoever starts on that side a significant resource edge as well as a straight shot for a side attack at the people on the right. i've actually mostly won this map because my team has been able to tie down the center, mostly with bunkers. unlike many of the newer maps this one can actually be defended fairly well due to how small the contested area is.

Moscow Outskirts: this map has a heavily built up top and a very open bottom. the two cut off points are also asymmetrical in terms of their ease of defense with the top one being blocked from the top by multiple fences and the bottom one being virtually a straight shot. while the fences are less of an issue with mobile infantry squads, it makes it hard to get an mg on the point running over the fences with a vehicle and makings retreating from that point horrible for the top. out of a dozen plays on this map in both variants i think i've won twice. the tightness of the top also makes it incredibly difficult to use paks, especially against t70s and t34/76s.

Hill 331: i find soviets to have a tremendous advantage on this map due to the size, scarcity of the points on the sides, and the mud placement. the mud effectively serves to base lock people because it is so difficult to move through and one has to move through it to get anywhere from their base. in addition the map is incredibly tight and laney on the sides which makes moving out of the mud difficult and gives the wide variety of soviet artillery an advantage. further frustrating the issue, infantry do not regard mud as slowing their movement which means they will usually attempt to move through it, even when going around is twice as fast. this means that the map generally degrades into close ranged infantry fights where the soviets have a huge advantage. in addition to infantry problems, vehicles are somewhere between impeded and useless, depending on much AT the enemy has on the dry land. this is exacerbated by the soviet's long ranged, but limited AT because it counters german tanks very well from the islands and their prolific anti-infantry vehicles generally prevent germans from pushing. the only vehicle i've had significant success with on this map is the is werfer due to its long range.

Face-off At Rostov: bottom has a huge advantage because the river forms a natural defensive line, especially against tanks, and some of the top's points are on the far side of it. the openness also makes it really easy to lock down the ice with MGs and AT guns. also a lot of buildings which tends to favor the soviets. winable from the top if you have a very coordinated team and the other team isn't but difficult. relic made the same sort of screw up with the ice lines in Don River, but it's worse here, and they did it with mud in Hill 331, which is worse than this map.

Road to Kharkov: the cut offs are very close to the middle of the map meaning that every time you lose an engagement in the middle you get decapped without, and possibly with, a stash on the point. it also happens to eviscerate your connections on half the map. to make matters worse there's a number of very good garrison points in the center of the map which favors russians due to their more readily available and cheaper flame weapons. the real issue on this map is that the cutoffs cut off too much.

that's all i can think of for now; i'll add more as they piss me off.

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# 2djw2104 Feb 19 2014, 19:08 PM
Hill 331??

Again lazy relic reworking vCOH maps into COH2.

Maybe they should have a mapping competition.

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# 3Funky Ducky Feb 19 2014, 21:48 PM
Don River and Hill are terrible maps.

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# 4Nuclear Arbitor Feb 20 2014, 01:28 AM
added rostov. also interested in tactics on these maps, moscow outskirts in particular.

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# 5Nuclear Arbitor Feb 24 2014, 02:49 AM
added kharkov

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# 6SSHeini Feb 25 2014, 07:16 AM
Moscow Outskirts is a verry difficult map, don't like it, but I wouldn't say is such a balance problem. Maybe in winter variant it is. Don River I kinda' like it smile.gif. In 2v2, if you have a good partner, try build 2 howitzers in/near your base. You'll be satisfied wink.gif. I see your point related to the other 3 maps and I think the most horrible are Road to Kharkov and Hill 331.

Related to Moscow outskirts I don't know a safe way to approach this map, all me and my partner do is first taking one side together with a fuel point and fortify/mine it than fighting around trying to attack cut off points and the other fuel. No solid strategy though, in last match we got beaten at a difference of 32 points while most of the time we had the map controll. It was a wrong doctrine choice though, our mistake.

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