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Battle for Middle Earth

Team Strategies

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# 1LATINO Jun 12 2021, 23:43 PM
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# 2gahvin Jun 18 2021, 20:37 PM
Hi, many armies still start the same way in 2v2 Anorien 109, except Mordor. In 106 you would normally send 1 orc backwards to buy your back mill, 1 orc forward to buy your front mill, and send gollum forward to intercept (unless you skipped Gollum to buy 3 mills fast.), then sit with your orcs and defend.

In 109, Gollum is only $50 and also much weaker vs infantry. So what you do is send 2 orcs forward to buy your front mill, and send gollum back to buy the back mills. You can then send your orcs forward to intercept fol infantry or even attack farms now.

In 2v2 Anorien if you are mordor against isen/mordor +fol I like to send 2 orcs forward to the fol farm while my ally goes for the fod farm. However, this strategy depends a lot about which spot you are on and who is on your side.

The reason I like this strat is because you can't really defend your mill vs chanted/eye units and the next wave of orcs can clean them up, and the enemy hobbit will be busy defending his fod ally's mill while you ruin his economy and force a later stable.

This has mixed results when you are against rohan because his second wave of peasants can come, but if you have eye available you can finish the farm and/or fight them after as long as the hobbit is not around.

This strategy works best when you are in bottom spot and your orcs go under the troll and surprise the fol there, if you try this from the top spot (and fol is top) there are risks. He can catch your orcs and weaken them, which allows the fol to clean them up with his next wave or give him enough time to change his hobbit pathway and make the orcs useless. You can also try this diagonally, he can't really stop to chase your orcs because it will slow him down too much on the way to your mill but you won't have the element of surprise. Vs gondor you will sometimes force them to send 1 soldier back and use his hobbit to stop this attack, which means you only have 1 soldier on your side that you can possibly defend even while chanted.


-Makes fol poor. Late horses is always good especially when they need to recover their farms outside. Gives time to get all creeps.
-Aggressive start that can force your opponent to be uncomfortable/make mistakes (they might forget to make extra farm inside before stable after losing outside farm).
-Forces fol hobbit to decide whether to defend his own farm or his fod ally.


-Less orcs on your side to defend, which means you rebuy your mill slower than normally.
-Less orcs on your side means you also creep your wargs later than normally.
-Rohan can make the orcs useless by intercepting the orcs with 1st/2nd waves easier than Gondor can.

Comment with more pros/cons of this start or an alternative/better start.

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# 3Dunedain` Jul 5 2021, 07:45 AM
If you are 2 mordor and one of you start with 2 pits and doesnt get focused too much or atleast doesnt get crippled, you can really put some good pressure down before horses are out. Creep the whole map and maybe even secure middle because horses will be busy cleaning their side.

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