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GFWL troubleshooting

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# 1Oroibahazopi Mar 11 2010, 20:32 PM
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This is a thread people can use if they are experiencing GFWL issues, usually the "HALP I dun have an open NAT." issue (Also saves me having to say/do the same thing 100 times). This is a windows specific guide as I don't think GFWL is supported on other OSs. Feel free to ask questions if you are using some sort of emulation software, such as Wine, or a virtual machine.


Ensure that the program, UAWEA.exe, has the right access in your firewalls. Don't just disable firewalls, it's lazy, it's a security risk and I personally hate the mentality.

Some AV/Firewall combos are terrible, if you constantly have connection issues with games and you're sure there's no other problems with your network then it's going to be overly restrictive firewalls. Uninstalling them may not even fix the problem because they can do permanent damage to your system.


Open the command line interface with: Run (Windows Key + R) "cmd"

Type "ipconfig" and hit enter.

Note down the "Default Gateway" for the adapter you use to connect to the internet, this is the ip of your router (if you have one).

Enter the ip into the url bar of your favorite browser and hit enter. You should now be at the login page for your router.

Now you can begin the process of forwarding the following ports.
  • TCP port 80.
  • UDP and TCP port 3074.
  • UDP port 88
  • UDP and TCP port 53
  • TCP port 443
I can't go into detail about how to do this as each router is different but you can use http://portforward.com/ to help you.

Now you've done that ensure that uPnP is enabled for the router and for your adapter on your computer.

You should now have an open NAT, if not post here and perhaps the problem can be resolved.

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