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Battle for Middle Earth 2

1v1 New Patch Tournament PlayOffs 1/2 Finals

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# 1LATINO Feb 5 2021, 15:34 PM
Please post your score here and the replay in the replays section section !!!!!

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Schedule : 05.02.2021 - 06.02.2021

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IPB Image

Each player can host (Neutral if both players agree).
Random Factions
1000 Starting Resources;
1x Command Point Factor;
No Custom Heroes.
Onhost pick map - Offhost pick spot
A player can only pick once the same map
5th game map is West Emnet II (Neutral Host)

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Map Pool

1) Cheetwood
2) Firien Dale
3) Ford of Bruinen
4) Hollin II
5) Lossarnach
6) Mering Stream
7) Westfold II
8) West Emnet II (5th map)
9) Tyrn Gorthad

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russia Imperialist vs Sauron canada 0-3

greece ArCh4Ng3L vs Ahwehawe turkey 1-3

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# 2LATINO Feb 5 2021, 15:35 PM
Imperialist vs Sauron will be tonight!


Posts: 3,543

Clan: LeGenD`

Game: Battle for Middle Earth


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