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# 1DrMouse Jul 3 2013, 19:17 PM
Yo Yo!

DrMouse here, maybe some people remember me!
I joined this clan 2 years ago just before my break of CoH. I was like level 16 US & Wehr I think ^^
I stopped CoH to play SC2 and during this time, I improved much there. I'm top master Terran now. This game gave me a lot of experience of the RTS.
When I saw CoH2 was released, I couldnt resist to buy this game!
After something like 10 games with each faction, I think I got my level back and I can improve much than in CoH.

So now, if some people want to play with me, you can add me:
mrmouse4 steam
DrMouse IG

Hope to see you soon!
(Sorry for bad english)

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Clan: SoldiersofLiberty

Game: StarCraft 2


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