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# 1war-ops Mar 21 2017, 01:41 AM
Hi, been playing COH for like seven years. At my best, I was around a level nine with British faction on 1v1. Lately, my game has fallen off and I'm around a level six (on a good day) with American and British faction on 1v1. I signed up mostly to give my thoughts on the game because I've been getting pretty annoyed with some things. I still think it's one of the best games ever and easily the best RTS ever but there are certain things that really anger me and I wish they would change. Obviously, that probably won't happen but I would like to get my thoughts out there anyway.

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# 2djw2104 Mar 31 2017, 19:40 PM
Hello and welcome to GameReplays.org and the COH forums.

I hope that you enjoy your time here and can make use of the articles that have been published in the strategy forums to help you with your gameplay.

The only active part of this section is the replay forum so I would advise posting a few games there and asking for some tips and advice. Also don't let some of the regulars 'pick on you' just because you are a new member we, in the moderation team, can be contacted by the report button.

Good luck and have fun.

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# 3Lando Feb 24 2018, 09:00 AM
Hey man, welcome. This forum has low activity, but if you see this you can add me on steam, Vit Lando

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# 4TuVieja Aug 28 2018, 17:52 PM
Hi there, wanna go for some 1v1? i'm TuVieja on Steam

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