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World in Conflict

Infantry vs Air

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# 1Marauder709 Sep 20 2007, 20:24 PM
[h1]Infantry vs Air[/h1]
19 September, 2007

IPB Image

Dealing with attack helicopters is a constant problem in the world of WiC. Because this brutal force can take out ground forces with ease, you want to take these out as quickly as possible. If any other AA is not available, your regular infantry squad can be the best asset you'll ever have to this threat. Today I'll be showing you how to use these squads effectively against air in combat.

IPB Image

Each regular infantry squad carries one Stinger each. Whenever air is in the firing range of this bad boy, it will fire automatically. However, if you plan on taking out helicopters quickly, you'll need more than one of these squads. To take out a helicopter within a split second, you will need at least three squads of riflemen. If you play as the Infantry class this shouldn't be a problem. Once you have spotted the enemy air, sprint to their location. While they may all be overweight and a little bit slow, use your advantage and try to hit them somewhere they won't expect it, such as hiding in a forest near their drop zone! Also be sure to spread out when you attack air as infantry, one napalm strike and everything will be gone.

by Herz

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# 2Excelsis.hT Sep 21 2007, 21:30 PM
thats awesome, i didn't know inf squad got stingers, i alway buy the Anti Tank and was like wtf, when they wont fire at the helos

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# 3Phazon Sep 24 2007, 13:37 PM
Yes, picking off passing helicopters with 3 infantry squads hiding in the trees has always been one of my more preferred past-times in World in Conflict. biggrin.gif

Its something about seeing that big rotored beast crash from my tiny little men that seems satisfying.

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