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The Daisy Cutter

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# 1Marauder709 Sep 24 2007, 19:40 PM
[h1]The Daisy Cutter[/h1]
24 September, 2007

In this week's Tip of the day we will see how to use the Daisy Cutter Bomb in the most effective manner. The DC's damage radius is quite large, almost as large as the Heavy artillery barrage and just as deadly.

IPB Image

As you can see the DC's range is quite large making it very effective at destroying a massive amount of units. The DC generally destroys most of the units in the area. It is most effectively used on a dense grouping of enemy units. The DC is a very powerful weapon because it also destroys structures which infantry can be garrisoned in side of and it can make capturing a fully fortified area much easier. The DC is perfect for urban combat where the units tend to be bunched up so that it does the most damage possible however the DC's drop time is 19 seconds so you have to be very careful when placing it.

IPB Image

As you can see the in the screen shot above the DC drops in very slowly by parachute but the effects are very deadly even though it moves rather slow. The speed factor is made up for in the rather low cost. The DC generally only costs thirty Tactical Aid points which is incredibly low for the amount of damage which it deals.

IPB Image

As you can see from the end result from the DC that all the enemy units in the area were destroyed. Also take note that if placed well it also has the ability to clear fortified command points, making this Tactical Aid a very useful addition to your arsenal.

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