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# 61ArMaGeN Oct 3 2013, 22:53 PM
QUOTE(^Zayron- @ Jul 23 2008, 16:29 PM) *

swg sucks. vs all. I won vs toxin as inf,and lost as tox vs inf sleep.gif i was nearly pwning a USAaiforce as simple USA *_* dropping rangers and capturing airports laugh.gif he dozer hunted me post-13661-1143531603.gif

QUOTE(^Zayron- @ Jul 22 2008, 20:52 PM) *

very dumb,tbh,usually every1 goes R...and it's all luck for the matchups post-13661-1143531603.gif btw,pwned Nubzor&atze 2v2 cw tongue.gif

QUOTE(^Soxel- @ Jul 23 2008, 17:53 PM) *

i beat tank vs airforce with gat th twice.

airforce did some kind of fast strat, rockvee laming strategy, he got strat center, and i was teh gat/th'ing him.

i won cause he forgot to put s&d. happy.gif

Hahaha CCG players are so cute wub.gif rolleyes.gif laugh.gif

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