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Rules for Name Changes - READ BEFORE REQUESTING

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# 1Locutus Nov 7 2011, 05:22 AM
The following rules apply to whoever wants to change their name for whatever reason. Slight exceptions may be made at admin's discretion if the case is exceptional enough.

When submitting a name change request, you should:
  1. Choose a name which does not yet exist. It helps a lot if you perform a search for the name first.
    1.1 Furthermore, different low case and high case letters doesnt make a name different from the same without the exact high and low case combination. I.e:
    SpEcIeS doesn't mean you can get the name when Species, or whatever the first registrant's combination was, is already taken.

    1.2 Obvious names such as, StarCraft, Legolas, AK47, Michael, Peter, Kane, GDI and so on are of course already taken. When you search for the name and see its already there you can make a few adjustments though. I.e:
    StarCraft^ instead of plain StarCraft would make the name available. You can use symbols like ^'`´-.*¨ in just the combination you want. Do this beforehand and you can save the admins a lot of time.

    1.3 Your name must contain an identifiable string of characters (3 to 32 digits) that does not use any extended character sets. That means you can very well request a name with exotic characters like §, ^, Ÿ, û, etc. but the name has to consist of enough "normal" characters in a row to make finding you through search tools possible. Whether a name is acceptable or not is decided at the Administrators' discretion.
  2. Not use the characters ,; [], <> & and |.
  3. Not ask for a name change more than once every three months (Staff cannot change their name any more frequently than once every six months).
Once your name is changed, you can change your name back if it is done within 48 hours of the first change, but if this is done, you forfeit your right to change your name for another three months (or six for staff members).

Be patient, the admins are very busy, for questions about clan forums you will need to be even more patient and must contact the Chief Operating Officer via PM. Locutus

Clan tags are not to be placed in names, and will not be changed to them.

excl.gif Please note that unless you ask, ONLY your display name will be changed. If you want to change both your display and your login names, please make it clear beforehand.

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