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Command and Conquer 3

Underworld~<3~ - DC - Valid

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# 1mediocre` Oct 13 2017, 20:37 PM
Underworld dc when he finally realizes he has no chance to win.

Attached File underworld_dc.CNC3Replay
Size: 515.01k
Number of downloads: 61
Player Name Side Team
naor778 1
Underworld~<3~ 2
HI-ALLAnaISexTourist 2
mediocre`* 1

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Game: Command and Conquer 3

# 2Police/AK Oct 14 2017, 14:08 PM
Hi that was ranked 2 vs 2 map

medi (Nod) and naor778 (GDI) VS Underworld~<3~ (Scrin) and Oli (GDI)

all went for normal build order for tech
then medi and his m8 2 vs 1 Oli also medi same time sent flame tank and crystal missile to Underworld~ making big damages to his base.

now naor778 defeated his side with the help of medi.
now Underworld~ sent everything to naor778 base and he lost all his units.
Oli left normally before that and Underworld~ lost connection at that moment they had zero chance to win.

Disconnect Valid! and thank you for reporting again.

I will make points adjustments.

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# 3Thanatos Oct 21 2017, 07:30 AM
why dont you just take a screenshot lol

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# 4Police/AK Oct 21 2017, 11:50 AM
QUOTE(Thanatos` @ Oct 21 2017, 07:30 AM) *

why dont you just take a screenshot lol

some version of graphic cards on some PC or laptops can't do that , and if you try it it will be only a black empty screen,
I had that before with my old laptop so I had to take pic with my camera that time,
now with my new laptop and a Geforce GTX ofcource it is very simple to take any screen shot on any game and post it on report.

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Game: Command and Conquer 3


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