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Battle for Middle Earth


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# 1Shanks Sep 27 2019, 23:12 PM
Even tho we keep it here as simple as possible we still have to set some basic , humankind , normal rules which every human being should be able to bring in:

1-) Even tho we do like animals we donít like to get human-dogs in here

2-) If you are guy who takes screenshots of private conversations , then you are not a normal human being which means you donít have anything lost here.

3-) We want as many members as possible but instead of quantity we do prefer quality , so try to be unique instead of imitating others by using the same words and by having the same attitudes - only like this you can be a useful and great member of our pirate ship!

Only 3 Rules to rule them all , to sum it up : just be normal , kind and fair.

Wish you a great stay in here brothers

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