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Battle for Middle Earth

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# 1RaGe` Nov 28 2009, 21:25 PM
bye, I quit this clan and join Khzd-Dm, you suckers cant compete with them, they are just way cooler than you jerks
plus they promised to give me a 99% host account that already has 200/0 qm stats, actually I really wonder how they'll do that n1qshok.gif well I'm looking forward to it

cya nubs

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RaGe`   bye   Nov 28 2009, 21:25 PM
Axcell   bye Legend   Nov 29 2009, 14:25 PM
Valor`   bye, I quit this clan and join Khzd-Dm, you su...   Nov 29 2009, 16:47 PM
tomac   Where and when did it go wrong Rage?   Nov 29 2009, 21:26 PM
D3m3N`   Who the fuck are you?   Nov 30 2009, 05:55 AM
gfhj46279   lmao haha   Dec 14 2009, 23:27 PM
Dogs   whats soooo funnnnyyyyy   Dec 15 2009, 01:21 AM
^Alan.   hi lads   Dec 24 2009, 20:56 PM
RaGe`   Alan is back... damn   Dec 26 2009, 10:39 AM

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