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# 1gamerzclass Oct 13 2018, 12:36 PM
Hello there!

We have teamed up with the person who is considered the best Anivia in the world Henrik "Froggen" Hansen!

Froggen has created a 20-step course on how he became a professional but also how YOU can improve your gameplay, following these steps you'll learn about the mentality and the tips and tricks, that can secure you the rank you've always been dreaming of getting.

In connection to this, we would like to offer you episode 12 for free, in this episode you will be taught the importance about vision control and how you can control your enemies with it.

All you have to do, to get your hands on the free episode is to create a profile on our website:


If you wish to read more about our upcoming projects have a look at:


We wish you a good game and hope to see you joining us!

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