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Team Dialog? HOW TO USE

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# 1Ravin Aug 24 2012, 02:37 AM
I'v search the web for weeks, and tried to figure it out on my own but can't.

How do I set up the teams for COH World Builder?
I keep getting this error: {Error there must be only 2 teams, this map contains 3, teams are unbalanced, check Team Dialog}

I have only found something called "Teams..." but It is just some odd numbers on the left, and empty drop down menus on the right, that have no content to select.
I have no idea how to fix this, and can't find help on this subject. Please help me.

I have players 1-3 on one side of the map, and players 4-6 on the other. I have made other maps that work fine, but this one is being a headache.

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# 2Wolfblitz21 Sep 9 2012, 00:54 AM
Hm hi , new member but im pretty much an avid COH gamer. i make my own custom maps etc for me and my buddies to kill some spare time. anyways getting straight to the point... This is the first time i've seen this crap and excuse my language lol uhh uhm i just got that same error today wacko.gif

just that this one say i guess maybe no difference some have more than other team ..... look into Team dialog. i have no idea about this it saves and no issues with that
but the main thing is i cant play the map.
When i create maps from scratch there isnt any problem no errors except the few times of having a lil too much points for fuel or ammo etc.
i've made lil over a dozen maps mainly 8 player style. i dont make pretty pro detail maps but it can challenging nonetheless.

I've read in another thread and same error someone said the same as u and me. i've tried same solutions check and rechecked and double damn rechecked.. same error only error wacko.gif i've put it in order from 1- 8 ... even tried just using position 1 and so on or then just plain position 1 Hq's then placing them as player 1 2 3 4 5 6 and so on.

By they way im editing COH multiplayer maps that it brought i got that moder software that i could use to extract the sga format of the stock maps in COH and well i wanted to edit it just to allow a 4 on 4 like example St. Hilaire.. honestly it cant be the size of the map i've made a small ass map with 4 on 4 and believe me that worked

i even refreshed the alvoroni or what ever its called ... and im sure each hq sector is set ... map entry points are set and even vitory points everything else is the same.../// When i start COH and then it shows the map in map list its not 4 as in the pic but actualy 8 players so i load up and it goes almost 75 % then 80 then back down to 78% and crashes.... does anyone have any idea whats wrong... i get the feeling its just that silly message thingy that messing up my chances of making thes classic maps even better >.< i've tought of almost everything that i can >.<

in response to the above issue like mine bro um im in the same position and from what i see seems no one else has it.. but if ur seeing that and ur making urs from scratch then uhhh then idk ..because all my custom new maps work if its from someone else and ur trying to edit it ..ive tried before but doesnt make sense ... some times it messes up the map files and COH just crashes

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