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-*New Game Idea*-

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# 1Jaguar JS Feb 3 2018, 16:17 PM
Hello all NG's

Id like you to all take the time to hear me out on an idea i've been thinking about and would like to hear your feed back and opinions, Similar to Squad Ops type events but making it our own with changes and imput from all NG's. Aim of the game is simple but i want to make it as realistic and tactical as you and your team would like.

Listed below is the Game Rules and Description.

A&D FOB Hunting

*ALL PLAYERS GET 1 LIFES ONLY* (Although 2 lifes each while learning can b possible)

*Once Dead Everyone Will Be In Spectate Mode To Watch The Rest*

Team 1 (Defending)

- Team 1 will be defending there own built FOB within the locations of 2 normal game points (E.G Village, Refinery) only.
From leaving their main base They will be allowed 15mins building time before game goes live.
Team 1 start with 2 loaded logistics trucks to start their build and 1 light tecki for support/escourt of the loggis ONLY.
Team 1 may place their FOB wherever they feel fit aslong as its within 80M Radius of one of two location provided. Infantry must stay within 100m radius of there FOB.
(They are only allowed to respawn on the HAB for their remaining lifes.)

Once BuildTime is up Team 2 (Attacking) Can begin the Hunt, So Bunker down and hold your ground and defend your FOB kill all enemy to successfully WIN the round.

Team 2 (Attacking)

- Team 2 will have 15min to brief, (place strategies and tactics) so all players are on the same page even if you lose your SL or Command.(use this time wisely)

Team 2 start with 2 Mraps and a Transport truck,
[They are ONLY allowed to use their other respawns/lifes on RALLY's]
(Place Rally's in good locations)
Using Teamwork and Tactics locate and assault the enemy FOB.
Destroy the enemy radio or/and kill all the enemy to successfully WIN the round.

Basic Rules;
-No Marksmen class Allowed or Optics at all.
-Defending Team NO Morters Permitted.
-No Cheating of any kind!
-In Game Coms ONLY

Probably will be more rules ETC. but for now that's the bare bones idea.. What yall think?

-Jaguar JS

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# 2Jaguar JS Feb 8 2018, 13:25 PM
Thanks for your opinion Zild, im happy to keep vehicles just let us all know which ones you would all like and why, Im not big on the scopes tho as it wont be fair for a one life event.
Exactly its about being as realistic as we can with it and taking things slow and communicating with ur team also having fun,
I do feel like if we just had an empty server and got 12-16 people on it everyone (inculding enemy team) meet up at one of the base's under cease fire so i can speak to everybody(if that works).
Make sure everyones happy and then set up a practice to start after the brief. maybe we should invite SR in on it as its their server etc.
Im not sure how you make the game enable one life only and then once dead into spectate mode though.......

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