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Rise of the Witch King

2019 Knights of Ea 1v1 Ruleset

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# 1Andybear Apr 24 2019, 01:26 AM
Okay version 1 rule set. Players will flip a coin or play rock paper scissors to decide who bans first. The winner will ban (strike) one neutral map, the loser of the flip will strike two, then the winner of the flip strikes one last time. The remaining map is the starter.

After game one THE LOSER of game one then selects a map after his opponent strikes one map from either the neutral or counter pick list. After game two, the map selection swaps back and forth. For example, if Andy wins the coin toss against Joey, but Joey wins game 1, Andy Selects the second map after Joey bans one, then Joey selects a map after Andy bans one for Game 3, then Andy again and Joey last. After game one whoever is selecting the map cannot return to a map they have won on, though they may return to one they've lost on.

The Winner of any game CANNOT swap factions, if they played random they must play random again. The Loser can swap at will or remain

Neutral Maps: Fords of Isen II, Erech I, River of Oroduin, Tyrn Gorthad, Tombs of Karna.

Counterpick Maps: Midgewater, Old Forest, Hollin

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Game: Rise of the Witchking 2.01

# 2puregewalt May 14 2019, 05:26 AM
didnt read too.long sry

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