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# 1141waterrrable Today, 02:35 AM
QUOTE(JarmenElectra @ Oct 19 2019, 02:08 AM) *

I feel like GLA is terrible, USA is king, and China is ok, china can sometimes kill USA with like inferno spam?(I might be wrong)

gla beats china
usa beats gla
china beats usa.

atleast if u using our strat and our way of playing.

there are some mixes that are awfull
like stealth stealth
or tank tank
or tank stealth
usa usa
gla gla
china china
usa toxin
tank and stealth both awfull armys.
then nuke comes at 3e worst army.

when u play like china and gla vs usa usa.
china needs to build forwards with gat turrets so the usa range wont reach. also migs with ecm. ecm to disable avngers.
and gla needs to do scud trick.make 10 scuds, force fire them from tunnel. avengers will not stop it.

when its reverse.
usa and usa needs to make some money and try to spam range. and get both upgrade center in middle.need to be carefull for scuds.

nice to see that some people improve. u see alot more people using the strats.

think demo,gla and air and china are strongest armys in nomoney survival maps.(small maps)
only make nuke canons when u dont have gla in your team. infornos canons are so bad.

tadaaa a whole reply nobody asked for.. biggrin.gif

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# 1142He1SenBerG Today, 07:11 AM
QUOTE(Leikeze @ Oct 18 2019, 23:29 PM) *

If only we could get Defcon balanced to be the new big cheese map. post-13661-1143531603.gif

Im probably using it on monday... but the game feels slower on that map??? or was it the wine?

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