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GenTool Unlimited FPS not working?

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# 1xphylum May 10 2019, 22:14 PM
So I installed GenTool and I can set the FPS limit, but I do not understand because my game fps is still stuck at the game speed. What is the point of advertising unlocked FPS when the game itself is still tied to game speed. Or am I doing it wrong?

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# 2Leikeze May 10 2019, 23:05 PM
Try to set FPS limit to OFF (it should display as [0] on screen), then start a game (if it is a Skirmish game, make sure the Game Speed is set to -- ), scroll to a corner and see if the FPS changes.

If that works to have FPS changing on its own, set the desired FPS to anything you'd like.

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If you try to set the game speed to anything other than -- in Skirmish it will not use the GenTool FPS speed, as ZH runs at the whatever the FPS speed is.

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