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Noob here, read a few guides and am looking for advanced tips

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# 1Pandawaffle Mar 9 2013, 06:58 AM
I've read a few the guides here on gamereplays, and have DL'd some pro matches. I've only gotten through some of the Allied campaign and done compstomps thusfar, but I have played quite a bit of DoWII. I think I'm just looking for some general mastery of the game mechanics and structured strategies I can dish out. I don't think I'm aiming to get to high levels on ladder, but having enough knowledge to handle myself at LANs with other casual friends would be nice smile.gif
I'm just going to expunge the knowledge I have thusfar and look for corrections. Tips of where to go next would be nice too.

US are the aggressor in the early game (generally) and spam/surround with rifles to gain early map dominance. Their infantry blob matures the fastest and has great, simple synergy techs+structures. The major downside of the US ball is that because vet is gained through combat, losses of entire squads are felt hard. If a player loses all of his vetted squads, remaking a rifle blob in the lategame is pretty much useless. US vehicles are okay, and Armor company can make them stand up against other factions armor, but only though numbers and good use of AWM. In general the US is about 'zerging' the enemy, their trees do nothing to directly increase the effectiveness of any unit, but rather make it more feasible to field great numbers of them. I prefer Infantry company the most so I can spam mines. OMCG, while not a perk I ever work towards, is good because it allows you to rebuild quickly after a large battle, and allows you to be somewhat more fuel-independent. In the late game allies seem to rely completely on a Hellcat (which I don't have sad.gif b/c ToV is expensive) and Rifle composition vs Wehr in order to fight off the tanks. AT guns are okay to use, but KCH are terrifying effective at run-bys on them. Many allied players skip WSC, and only go for one to get snipers, if they do. I have the most difficulty as US @ working on the transition into their vehicles tech, I don't know when to spend the fuel on that vs BAR's or Triage. I also don't know if Grenades are worth it, and when to get Stickies.

Wehr can the be aggressor, but only at T1 and in the later game. Massing T1 by spamming out MG's and Volks and snipers is quite effective if the Wehr wants to get huge map control early on. A medibunker helps this as well. Overall the Wehr uses inf in MG42-Volks pairs to help control the US rifles. I really enjoy going T1-T4 as Wehr with a big T1 using Def doc. The vet synergy between Volks, 'zombie' Grens & KHC and then getting out heavy tanks is simple and very utilitarian (only 2 buildings!). Stopping earlier @ T3 can be effective too with Puma spam. I've also seen wonky support vet builds to deal with Brits, but overall I am much less familiar with the OF factions. Wehrs seem to have a better late game than most factions, but it costs a whole lot of resources. Their perk trees also synergize a lot more with strategies than US trees (and they have WAY better 4-5pt rewards like Tigers or Manpower payfowards). KHC spam+tanks when you have the fuel is highly effective. One of the best ways to counter this appears to be a base attack in the midgame using artillery barrage and some focus fire on the Panzer depot before the scary things even appear. Back-teching to WSC and a 50cal can also be used to cover AT guns against KHC. Wehr is strong all around, but is particularly strong @ one timing point when they decide to focus on one tier timing attack (mass pumas, for example). Wehr players have one shot to come back with this timing attack usually against US map dominance or the US player strangles them with Rifles. Granted, this timing attack usually has everything going for it, provided that the Wehr player got enough fuel.

Brits are funky. They have the most terrifying inf blob (2 LT's make them murder everything >.<), excellent static defenses & artillery, but terrible tanks. A Brit player seems to have two options: 1) Go with a reasonably aggressive forward base and rely on a Vicker/Mortar pit setup to keep them in the game until midgame. Enemies are challenged to get tech to destroy the mortar. 2) A reasonably conservative base (usually choked off) and a huge series of timing attacks. I saw one replay where a Brit player got 3 vehicles in a row: Bren>Stuart>Cromwell, and as soon as he got each, he sent it straight to the Wehr player's base and camped retreating squads. When i play the Brits vs AI i get the feeling that a real player could always easily crack my defensive grid with intelligent artillery or something, and that a human would dodge my painfully obvious artillery. I like the idea of Brit strategy, but I just don't see how to use them in non-AI abusing situations effectively. The sucky tanks also makes me sad sad.gif.

I have little or no knowledge about the PE.

My favorite strategies thusfar have been...
T1-T4 Def Doc Wehr, using a medibunker in an abusive location to buy time. Proceed to roll over even hard AI. I have the most trouble learning good places to place said bunker, it sometimes takes a few restarts to figure out where post-13661-1143531603.gif. I also don't have good lategame build order worked out, whether I go for inf vet before I hit T4, or once I get my Panzer command what to build. I would also like to learn a T1-T3 timing that is similar, and then work on the T3-T4 transition, because the wait for T4 can sometimes feel like I'm pushing it if I take too many losses early on.
Mass Rifles with Inf company US, rushing all the upgraded goodies on rifles+triage center, then trying to transition into some decent AT/tanks of my own. I have trouble with this transition post-13661-1143531603.gif. I'm afraid a well-timed mass T3 vehicle strat would eat me alive. I'm also torn often as allies to get a HT vs some other fuel thing, but I havent seen anyone in the expert replays ever build one (as any faction, for that matter).
Mass Rifles, getting 0 upgrades except maybe stickies into a quick T3 2 AC's + Quad HT + AT gun. I can use either Inf or Armor company with this, but I can't really decide which. I also suck at the transition and prioritizing what to spend my fuel on late game. i do like getting BAR's at somepoint, but I can't decide when it is worth it. If I do manage to make it to late game I also don't know if I should make Shermans vs other units.
Fast HT with AT upgraded inf. This strat is of my own design, it's very effective vs even the hard AI, and is usually my fallback if I start losing. It's all about rushing out 2 squads with some form of rocket launcher and then sticking them onto two HT's with other units, and then rushing them into the enemy base and unloading. Kill the defensive bunkers and then camp with SMG's (if you can afford those upgrades too), resupplying off of the HT's, or ferrying more units in with the HTs. It's a very nice timing, but it's one of those strategies where I feel a good human could fight back against with MG's shooting into the base or snipers or something. Loading into the HT and then rushing enemy units such as MG's seems to work though. If I ever play 2v2 or higher I try to work in a timing like this just to cause the damage.

Sorry for the long post, i understand if many see this as tl;dr post-13661-1143531603.gif

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# 2OLL Mar 10 2013, 02:27 AM

Personally I don't think trying to "solve" the game before starting is really the best way to go. CoH, like most RTS games, is all about the balance between strategy and mechanics: you can know the correct counter to every strategy but unless you have the mechanics to back it up you will still lose the game.

Although all four factions have foibles it is incorrect to say that you need to be "aggressive" with US early game etc. etc. There is some truth to this but essentially the game boils down to 3 core elements: manpower, veterancy, and time which effect all four factions equally.

You should always aim to be Inflicting as much mp damage on your opponent whilst minimising your own. For example the reason the sniper is so strong a unit is not because it insta-kills squads but that over the course of a game it inflicts such a massive drain of manpower on your opponent that it eventually becomes impossible for him to field the units he needs to win the game.

Meanwhile mid/late game fights - especially infantry fights - usually come down to veterancy and for all factions this boils down to squad preservation. As US/PE if you lose squads then your veterancy goes down the toilet and as Brits if you lose officers it's a similar story. WM is a little different but still if they lose squads or vehicles then the resource drain has a direct impact on the amount of veterancy they can buy and the fuel points they can control in order to gain veterancy. The only exception here is in the super late game (or larger team games) the WM can gain an advantage by stalling out long enough to gain max vet across the board which gives them a big advantage.

Which brings in the final aspect - time. All ladder games are VP based which means that you are on the clock from the start. You can have a superior strategy to your opponent but if you are unable to implement it before the VPs tick out then you will still lose. Also all resources are gained over time depending on your points controls so if you are able to stall out your opposition then you can buy yourself enough time to field a counter to his strategy. For example Propaganda War is a very strong ability, not because it inflicts damage but just because of the amount of time it buys you.

My advice to you Sir is just to play the game and you will soon figure out what works and what doesn't smile.gif

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