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blance maby?

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# 1muller93 Dec 19 2013, 23:25 PM
The game is so horribly unblanced

First of the infatry duels

Soviet infantry is suppous to be more numerus and be worse figthers then the germans
only thing is that the consrpits slaugters the german grenadiers with no problems

infact any russian unit can kill a grendiers squad with ease.

i have been playing with both german and soviet, when im playing germans i always struggel to win infatry battels, when playing russia i click and then just watch....im not kidding i hardly mirco soviet battels i just sit back and watch.

Theires a delay from when i click on a order to when the unit moves...its a delay for about 2,5....that matters when youre dogeing a grenade.

the pathfinding sucks....fix it relic

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# 2Funky Ducky Dec 20 2013, 03:18 AM
First off, the balance between the conscripts and grens is really good. It's determined by grenade use and cover. If both are in cover with no nades, scripts will win at short range, grens will win at long. In addition, grens get some major dps buff with the non-doctrinal lmg42. The doctrinal upgrades just highlight this balance. Scripts get ppsh's, grens get the g43.

The lag input was a lot worse before, but with the latest patch it is pretty good and tolerable.

The path-finding is probably the worst thing in the game when it comes to non-turreted vehicles and light vehicles.

Since this obviously is a balance discussion, this belongs in the balance forums.

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# 3djw2104 Dec 20 2013, 12:51 PM

This is a discussion regarding balance issues, therefore
---->moved to Balance Forum.

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