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"CoH will never die" tournament vol. 2

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# 21Lando Feb 16 2017, 23:29 PM
This looks awesome, I totally want to sign up, but when ever I click the sign up button on the website it just brings me to a random Pinterest website? What am I supposed to do?

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# 22Kaos Feb 20 2017, 02:56 AM
I'm really really sorry that I didn't see this message before post-13661-1143531603.gif
If the one on the site was not working for some reason (i never noticed it), there are several other links where you could apply, like the one in this topic, or on my twitch channel, or even on other community sites.

I really hope you found one and applied cause today the applications are closed. Really sorry if you didn't find the link even though it was all over the place and I'm 100% the link worked at 19.2. (the last day) cause I clicked it many times.

Once again sorry for the late answer and I never noticed the link on the tournament website didn't work.

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