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Tank Weak Points

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# 1xFactor Oct 8 2007, 23:53 PM
[h1]Tank Weak Points[/h1]
October 8, 2007

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For those of you who have played other RTS games such as Company of Heroes, you've noticed that for the armor anytime you hit the rear, it will be a lot stronger than when it hits anywhere else. Today, I'll be showing you why it is this way and where exactly you want to position your tank for attacking an enemy tank.

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Any RTS game you play with modern or any historical tank, you will see this feature. This feature is implemented because of the fact it's realistic. In real life, on tanks they put weaker armor on the rear side of the armor and the most protective armor on the front. When attacking an enemy tank, try your best to swing around and hit the tank from behind! It will pay off.

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Another significant place you can hit is the treads, however within the game of WiC I believe this is impossible due to the tanks automatically shooting at the armor. You have no need to worry about this in game, however in real life, this goes!

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# 2StiL ReY Oct 9 2007, 02:58 AM
Also Tanks have the weakest armor on top so thats why Air is a direct counter to tanks.

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# 3Margob Oct 11 2007, 18:41 PM
Also if you have two tanks against one you can destroy it much faster by moving one of your tanks behind it so it gets the flanking bonus.
If the enemy tanks turn around to shoot your second tank your first tank will get the bonus.

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