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Ridiculous Tiger ace finisher

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# 1Marmalade Mar 19 2015, 22:45 PM
This is my first replay I've uploaded. My opponent just spammed mgs, I went Tier 1 to counter with the flamer scout car and a sniper.For the mid game I went with a t70 then a t34, which he responded to with Pgrens/shrecks and eventually a pak. By the late game I virtually controlled the entire map.I really thought it was in the bag, but he bought out a tiger ace , and due to my rushed response to this I lost the my t34 85s along with the game as well.

Should I have gone tier 2 instead and purchased some mortars to counter the mgs ? I know I could have put some mines down near the center VP.I would be very grateful for any feedback and tips.

P.S. Is the tiger ace stilll priced in just manpower ?

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