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FACTION WARS | POST 7 | Final completed

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# 1SeñorEcthelion May 13 2021, 20:00 PM
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The FactionWars tournament has been completed

Once again, a single round between 2 teams took longer than expected. There was a intention to play a match for 3rd place between Goblins & Isengard but we will just forget them and focus on the Final. The last match between Men and Mordor was played as a 2v2 between Experts & Good players. The result of this games, in combination with the Medium player match's victory, was more than enough to set the Men of the Wets team as the winner of the tournament.

In conclusion, Mordor has been defeated.
Men of the West are the champions of the tournament.

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FactionWars: Final
Mordor vs Men

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Between Expert & Good players:

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2-0 for FarmerLau's Men of the West against Azog & Shinoda's Mordor.
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2-0 for Daryl's Men of the West against Azog & Shinoda's Mordor.

This match basically decided the tournament winner.

It was a good day for the good factions of the middle earth.The flood gates of Mordor opened with endless hordes of orcs, but Framir and the Knights of Gondor found an opportunity to prove their worth. Millions of orcs were sent to their doom in the lands of Udun, and not a single men structure was destroyed by Gannicus. The Men of the West have forcefully bought up Sauron's real-estate in Udun, as its value plummeted to new lows after the battle. To the south-west in Lebennin, while Mordor was able to destroy millions of men barracks, they were ultimately unable to defend themselves as Brom and his soldiers beat down the Mordor fortress.

In an interview after the games, the Mordor team claimed that "Mordor sucks in 2b2 but they are stronk in 1v1" and with the Mordor's forces now on suicide watch, Gannicus challenged Men of the West's leader, FarmerLau, a a battle of 1 vs 1 to prove himself. But the result was nothing more than a forced suicide on the beautiful lands of Firien Dale.
*Challenge's replay has been attached as a showmatch.*

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Between Medium players:

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2-1 for Orcrist's Men of the West against SCloud's Mordor.
This was basically the toughtest encounter of the final, where players of very similar skill gave the best of themselves. But at the end, it was Orcrist who managed to succeed against Scloud's Mordor.

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Between Challenger players:

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1-1 between Sweet's Men of the West and BilboPurePwneage's Mordor.
The fact that BilboPurePwneage is living in Australia means he's forced to have a pretty large PING against any player from america or europa. Therefore, after he claimed that every possible neutral host is an disadvantage, both players did their matches in their respective hosts. Result was the predictable 1-1 and the 3rd match was suspended untill both players meet again and a North American neutrals them. Nevertheless, Men of the West ended up winning the tornament and Mordor winning the 3rd game of this match wouldn't change the final outcome.

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Between Apprentice players:

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0-0 between Punishers's Men of the West and Morris/Brutal/Rook's Mordor.
The disappearance of Morris from the scene left the Mordor team without a proper apprentice rival for the semifinals and the finals. In the semifinals a Brutal AI was called and surprisingly managed to defeat the Isengard's apprentice.
But for the final, Men's team player Punisher asked to play with a proper human replacement of Morris from Mordor. The player "Rook" was found to replace him, but Punisher ended up showing a complete lack of interest on playing his match, even after proceeding with his request. More than once he prefered to play Leage of Legends while the new oponent was waiting in gameranger.
-Score should be set to 0-2 as punish for Punisher for this actions --despite the redundancy--, but like stated above, Men of the West has accumulated enough victories already to actually win the final, so this match will simply be considered as 0-0.

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Best Faction of the Year

IPB ImageMen of the WestIPB Image

The Men of the West team has won the tournament through a stomping defeat of 7-2 in the tournament Final against Mordor, with 3 matches won, 1 match tied and 0 matches lost. Now, this faction can also be considered as the best faction of 1.09v2 for this year. (unless a new patch comes out!)

Results in Round Robin Stage: 23-22

Results in Eliminators: Semifinal: 6-5
Results in Eliminators: Final: 7-2
Results in Eliminators: Total: 13-7

Total winrate in the Faction Wars Tournament: 36-29

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Most Valuable Player

IPB ImageFarmerLauIPB Image

FarmerLau, with the help of his farmhands, has channeled the power of the cows and defended the Men of the West, ensuring his team wins the best 1.09v2 faction of the year award. This altruistic actions have, unnintentionally, earn him the Most Valuable Player award thanks the imput for his team, mentoring and sportmanship.

Results in Round Robin Stage: 6-4

Results in Eliminators: Semifinal: 2-0
Results in Eliminators: Final: 2-0
Results in Eliminators: Total: 4-0

Total winrate in the Faction Wars Tournament: 10-4

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Tournament Replays

Take a look at all the tournament replays organized.
Event: 2021 Faction Wars Tournament

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Final stage: Single Eliminator: Global

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IPB Image
First stage: Round Robin

Rank 5 Apprentice

Rank 4 Medium

Rank 3 Good

Rank 2 Challengers

Rank 1 Experts


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All the tournament players

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Expert - FarmerLau (4179144)
Challenger - Sweet (11440393)
Good - | Daryl (2180504)
Medium - PoW_Pietor (11599370) | TaR_OrCrisT (1222584)
Apprentice - Punisher (9133274)

IPB Image
Expert - Aow_Luxus (1248683)
Challenger - Scare_Cr0w (1221068)
Good - Magiczzz (2355288) | Lovely (6860778)
Medium - Theol (3617363)
Apprentice - Glorfindel (2294098)

IPB Image
Expert - Sauron (6789557)
Challenger - KingMustafa (8182378)
Good - J_Edgar (1219926) | so0rry (10107053)
Medium - Savage (6886052)
Apprentice - Powerkartoffel (2261424)

IPB Image
Expert - Ecthelion (ecthelion)
Challenger - AnDyBrandy (3088346 | PoW_Clever (3271311)
Good - IDream (8305935) | Break (1225719)
Medium - PoW_Netput (7201707) | GomeZ (2856438)
Apprentice - Tempest (1205121) | Sakulnebur (9023979)

IPB Image
Expert - Azog (9013588)
Challenger - GosPure_Bilbo (2834384)
Good - Shinoda (6824269)
Medium - SCloud (7411344)
Apprentice - Morris (2728703) | Rook (11509171)

IPB Image
Expert - [RECON]Recon_Halet (6731670)
Challenger - AoW_Nathan (1220375
Good - Vito (8292349)
Medium - Tyrion (6768263) | Hhiruma (10590498)
Apprentice - Otter (6716088)

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Previous Tournament Posts

POST 1: SignUp & rules
POST 2: First week highlights
POST 3: First week Results
POST 5: Round robin Results
POST 6: Semifinals Results
POST 7: Finals Results

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# 2SeñorEcthelion May 14 2021, 18:28 PM
I was going to calculate some statistics, but it is so time consuming. I think winners statistics is enough.

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# 3AnDy` May 14 2021, 18:59 PM

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# 4Xelenos May 14 2021, 19:31 PM
Congratulation to winner, you got your league points,
Go spam in the league now!

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# 5Val` May 15 2021, 02:14 AM
Well done Ech

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# 6Feanor May 15 2021, 06:07 AM
Well played and thanks for organising!

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# 7Maru May 16 2021, 02:56 AM
Well played all!

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