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# 1Allysin Jul 19 2017, 22:42 PM
Hey guys!

Is it still not possible to watch older replays, like from 2.301, or maybe even 2.4? Thanks biggrin.gif

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# 2TuVieja Jul 25 2018, 19:25 PM
It still is... Havn't found a way to go round it. There is supposedly a program that makes it possible, but i didn't have any success with it. Don't remember the name either. It's a shame, cause most of the expert replays are from 2.301, like sepha's brit play.

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# 3Ra11 Jul 25 2018, 20:19 PM
u have to patch back your game. But i dont know how to do so with this steam client now post-13661-1143531603.gif

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