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CNC Zero Hour

Ubuntu 20.04 wine + gentool (works excellent except ...)

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# 1wertyzp Mar 11 2021, 16:05 PM

I know linux problems are a bit offtopic but some technical info may help me a lot
Game works fine but when I try to go to network online - screen is stuck on "Checking for updates"
Tried as root with no success. IP is set properly
Maybe this is hosts file problem? Can you please provide some info on how domain name is changed in memory, maybe it will give me some ideas where to look at?


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# 2wertyzp Mar 11 2021, 18:33 PM
I managed to login and host game using this info in /etc/hosts servserv.generals.ea.com mangler1.generals.ea.com mangler2.generals.ea.com gpcm.gamespy.com peerchat.gamespy.com ccgenzh.ms6.gamespy.com master.gamespy.com gamestats.gamespy.com www.shatabrick.com shatabrick.com launch.gamespyarcade.com

Now the problem is that loading screen doesn't show remote buddy load status and the game didn't start (actually it starts frozen, ui works, but timer is frozed)
I've found that udp packets coming from remote buddy
Recv Queue shows large number on packets waiting to be processed on incoming udp port
udp 134912 0*
(33333 is set to firewall override)
for some reason generals doesn't process those packets

I've found that udp conversation starts with sending few udp packets to buddy and then no response from our host
Obviously generals for some reason doesn't process received data on that udp port
I'm not sure how generals work so any details will be useful


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