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# 1Lynx AH-7 Feb 11 2008, 23:23 PM


Today’s Tip of the week will deal with Reconnaissance. Recon is very important to your team’s success. It provides you with information and sight about units that are out of your range but could beheading towards you. It provides you with the whereabouts of hidden units like infantry, and it can help you decide what units you need to attack with.

There is more than one way for you to use recon. There is the Aerial Recon Tactical Aid that you can purchase which will reveal to you an area of the battle, you can purchase a scout helicopter which can fly around and scout ahead of you units to let you know what you are flying or moving in to, or you can use infantry or light and quick vehicles such as the troop transport. The troop transport and infantry do not scout as well as the scout helicopter or the Aerial Recon TA but they can be effective. Here are a few uses of recon.

Aerial Recon

IPB Image
TA Costs -
  • Armour - 8, 16, 24
  • Air - 10, 20, 30
  • Infantry - 8, 16, 24
  • Support - 10, 20, 30
Deployment Time - 15 secs
Recharge Time - 45 secs

IPB Image
(Click thumbnail for full size image) As you can see the Aerial Recon has a very large area it reveals. Note the incoming Anti-Air units, it would not be wise for an Air player to attack the Village knowing this, potentially saving your helicopters!

Recon can be vital for the movement of your units on a map that is infantry friendly or one that has a lot of trees or buildings. Infantry is weak out in the open and most infantry players know this so they go in buildings or in forests to hide and then ambush units if they are crossing through a chokepoint.

Infantry hidden in a forest are invisible unless a scout helicopter scans the area with its IR Scan ability, or you use the Aerial Recon TA. If infantry units are in a building they are not invisible they are just stronger since they are protected by the building. If you use reconnaissance then you will be able to tell where the infantry is and if you need to change your route.

Offensive Ability - IR Scan

IPB Image

Reload Time - 20 secs
Duration - 15 secs

The best thing to do with the infantry if you find them in a forest is you use a napalm strike and burn them up. This does three different things that help you. One, it eliminates the enemy troops, two it clears out the place where the infantry were and means they can never go back to that spot and be hidden, and third it burns for a little bit making infantry unable to pass through the area for a short time.

IPB Image
The Infantry found in this forest with the Scout Helicopters IR Scan can now be dealt with

Recon can also be used to find artillery sitting on a hill or hiding in the back of a map. Many times a support player that gets artillery will not move very much and you can get “free” critical strikes on them with different TA such as tank buster, or precision artillery are a few.

Overall, recon is very important to get the first step against you enemy. Wouldn’t you like to know what units he has and start planning you attack while he is still wondering what units you have?

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