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Demigod Just $20 and More!

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# 1Polynomial Sep 5 2009, 00:29 AM
The big and long weekend for Labor Day is coming up in the U.S., and to kick it off Stardock is having a huge sale on Impulse. Grab some games off Impulse, and use this long weekend to get your game on!

Impulse Labor Day Weekend Sale

Cities XL Limited Edition pre-order - $39.99
Dawn of Discovery 50% off - $24.99
Demigod for just $20
Hearts of Iron Mega Bundle - $59.99
World of Goo just $9.95
Sins of a Solar Empire Bundle - $20
Sword of the Stars: Complete - $24.99
Sacred 2: Fallen Angel - $19.99
Flatspace II - $18.95
Evochron Legends - $18.95
Aaaaa! A Reckless Disregard for Gravity 25% off pre-order
Time of Shadows 10% off pre-order

You can go directly to the Impulse store and see all the current sales!

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# 2KingsRevenge Sep 6 2009, 06:37 AM
Who's gonna be jumping on the DG bandwagon now?

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# 3AsTheRuinsFall Sep 6 2009, 18:13 PM
Well i'm pissed. I bought demigod just a few days before this offer... sad.gif bad luck.

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