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Posted by: Verdo Jun 30 2009, 16:07 PM

The Call of Duty 4 staff of had the opportunity to interview the leader of Pure E-Sports just a few days ago. They are a highly competative CoD4 team currently ranked second best in all of North America behind team Pandemic. The team itself has recently suffered a few departures such as Rob-Wiz and Limitless moving to team Pandemic, while their third starter, CartR is still recovering from a car accident. Thankfully, they picked up three quick subsitutes: TayloRRR, MasterAlex and Flak. With the new team, Pure E-Sports plans to attend OutPost Onfire and The Experience, which are the LAN games that will be hosted in Europe this summer. The team informed that they will be leaving for these games on July 20th in order to make it to OOF begining on July 24th. Snatcch, the team leader and our interviewee for our upcomming feature said the following to

We're planning on boot camping at flak's place for a few days before we depart to Europe. Once in Antwerp, we're going to meet up with fnatic and some other teams and practice for 2 days before OOF begins, then we travel to Denmark to participate in TEX.

Our plan with the team is to practice our ends off so that once we leave we'll be quite confident in every strat that we create. Hopefully our preparation will bring us success in Europe.

Pure E-Sports will represent the United States in Europe this summer and they will be the only North American team to be there. We at wish the team well for their upcomming LAN games and we also send our regards to CartR who is still recovering from an automobile accident. As stated above, had the opportunity to interview Snatcch before his team departed for Europe. This will likely be one of the few major interviews they manage to perform before leaving, so please take the opportunity to read at least a few of the comments made by Snatcch tomorrow (Wednesday, July 1st) at 12:00 PM Eastern Time (GMT - 5:00)

Current roster for Pure E-Sports

IPB ImageEric "snatcch" Brinkley (Leader)
IPB ImageTaylor "TayloRRR" Sheridan
IPB ImageAlexander "MasterAlex" Solis
IPB Image Alex "Flak" Lasselle
IPB ImageJoshua "gladia7or" Adams
IPB Image Carter "COACH" Salley (6th man)

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Posted by: yayaracecar Jun 30 2009, 19:04 PM

Flak makes dreams come true

Posted by: Thrandy Jun 30 2009, 19:13 PM

^^I want to watch a E-Rev cast of these guys, care to link me yaya? smile.gif

Posted by: yayaracecar Jun 30 2009, 22:22 PM

QUOTE(Thrandy @ Jun 30 2009, 12:13 PM) *

^^I want to watch a E-Rev cast of these guys, care to link me yaya? smile.gif

Posted by: KiF1rE Jun 30 2009, 22:27 PM

hard to care about pure, if you knew what their UT/management was like....

Posted by: yayaracecar Jun 30 2009, 22:40 PM

QUOTE(KiF1rE @ Jun 30 2009, 15:27 PM) *

hard to care about pure, if you knew what their UT/management was like....

I casted them for ut a couple of times to

Posted by: Rogram Jul 1 2009, 16:19 PM

Gl but not too much luck. TCM ftw!

Posted by: 12azor Jul 4 2009, 15:59 PM

Why do the FPS people seem to feel the need to make all their 'news' into Global news on GR?

Posted by: Witchking' Jul 4 2009, 16:30 PM

"all their news" is simply wrong. And what's bad about that? GR is not only an RTS site ...

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