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Tip of the Week #38

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# 1Poita_ Jan 11 2008, 10:11 AM
Seraphim Tip #1 - Selen: T1 Combat Scout

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The Selen is vastly different from it's human-made counterparts. It's a scout with some features of a Light Assault Bot, and it's own stealth functions.

The scout itself costs 20 mass, enough for 2 spirits (Aeon T1 hover scout), but with it's extra features it's well worth the 20 mass. The main thing being the fact that it shoots! Though not as strong as a Hunter or Mech Marine, it's very good for raiding and scouting and the same time. An essential thing to do is to get one these in an enemy base and cloak it; it'll give you pretty much radar coverage of his whole base, with the only way of being discovered is with the ACU walking up to it (or an Omni sensor).

With it's personal stealth and cloaking it's always important to have a good few of these around the map to give you good visual coverage, and if they see a lone engineer they can easily raid it. However you should rely on tanks for you firepower and raiding alot as Seraphim, a few LABs can easily destroy Selens.

What they can't see, CAN hurt them..!

Tip by: Supertribe

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# 2vilm Jan 11 2008, 13:14 PM
i haven't gotten FA, but isn't evry1 whining about seraphim being underpowered because their assault scout has too slow turret rotation?

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# 3LawnMower_ Jan 11 2008, 17:26 PM
If you park the scout on top of a mass point the enemy engineer can't build a mex and it will just stand there looking stupid.

Very annoying.

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# 4Supertribe Jan 11 2008, 17:41 PM
just so you know - funkoff has edited it a bit but it hasn't been added here. guess it'll be soon

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# 5Hogo Jan 11 2008, 17:50 PM
Nice tip, Thanks very much smile.gif

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