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Rage Gen - Hold Fire Stance

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# 1Stayer231 Sep 17 2013, 09:31 AM
When I see a redemer comming to my base or army, I expect a rage gen comming. You can power down base defences, but cant do the same with units. I noticed that units under rage gen first fire at each other, but when you put them on hold fire stance they stopped firing, while the other units, which weren't on hold fire stance, were still firing at each other. When I got a replay of this effect, I will upload it.

Is this a way to stop the effect of the rage gen. I dont know. You are not giving orders, you are just adjusting the way the unit behaves, I think. I know that in RotWK UNofficial 2.02, when you put a unit into the same stance, the unit stops with everything it is attacking or moving to, maybe this is the same in KW.

Is there anyone who can verify that or knows the answer to my question?

Do units stop firing completly when put on hold fire stance during the rage gen from the redemer?

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