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Beating NOD/MoK

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# 1Twiggathor Sep 26 2013, 16:50 PM
I'm mainly a GDI player, I'm a low mid i guess and I'm having trouble getting to grips with them.

For starters if I get Shadow/bike rushed then by the time I've built up and fended them off my opponent is so far ahead I can't catch up. They'll just keep slowing me down with smallish attacks and i can usually build up to an expansion but I have lower tech, units and economy.

I know general counters for some strategies but any tips for countering early aggression without being slowed down too much?

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# 2Stayer231 Sep 27 2013, 16:19 PM
I am a noob player, but with bike rush. You shouldn't overspend, a few rocket squads would do, maybe a predator. Adjust the response to the attacking force. Two pitbulls can one shot a bike. When you see them go all in, you should hard core defend at all cost, I think. Try to manoeuvre the harvesters around the war factory to get repairs and get them out of the line of fire.

With shadow teams, try to build at least two power plants with a tower between them. Try not to place them to close together or the splash damage wil take them both including the tower. You could build another tower or a pitbull to scare them off.

Main tip. Try not to overspend and scout with rifle squats or pitbulls.

That would get you into the mid-game and late game. Don't take this for granted, but this worked for me multiple times.

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# 3Twiggathor Sep 27 2013, 16:40 PM
Thanks for taking the time to respond smile.gif

I think the main thing that you bring up is overspending, and that slows me down too much and i lose because of it

Thank you smile.gif

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