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Why do you come to GR.org?

Why do you come to GR.org
24.80% (307)
I'm looking for replays
31.83% (394)
I'm looking for strats
7.27% (90)
Just wanna get some friends
3.23% (40)
Looking for a clan
21.00% (260)
I'm lookging for good discussions
11.87% (147)
Not in this list, I say it in this forum
How did you find GR.org
27.30% (338)
A friend
36.11% (447)
22.94% (284)
Another website
7.92% (98)
I don't know
5.74% (71)
Not in this list, I say it in this forum
What rating would you give this site?
60.05% (741)
9-10 (Great)
34.85% (430)
7-8 (Good)
3.48% (43)
5-6 (Average)
0.65% (8)
3-4 (Poor)
0.97% (12)
1-2 (Weak)

Total Votes: 3710
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# 21IcE BrEakEr Aug 8 2006, 16:58 PM
QUOTE(Darky @ Aug 3 2006, 12:20 AM) *

I went to cncreplays.com (a proxy for GRs!) via Google when I searched for "Generals replays".

Clearly the site gets 1/10 from me w00t.gif


Wow even Darky come to this topic blush.gif !

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# 22-Dark-Radiant-Eclipse- Aug 9 2006, 02:40 AM
i was browsing the web looking for strategy in ZH and also i got cheated and i went here to report map hacker

my friend told me about this site

10/10 tbh best site

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# 23Lord^Of^Snow Aug 18 2006, 10:12 AM
My mate told me! Now I'm a bigger member of the community than him, I can't even remember his username:S

# 24Andy p Aug 18 2006, 10:18 AM
I stumbled across this site by accident and i stayed here.

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# 25Zpex Aug 20 2006, 20:48 PM
I think i stombled on to the site looking for some tutorial related to sigs...

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# 26StudeNt34 Aug 20 2006, 21:52 PM
i was going to play BFME 2 but i got over that and now i play BF2

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# 27k1ll3r Aug 20 2006, 22:28 PM
I heard of a mod called boss generals by some m8s and I downloaded it. The site mentioned gamereplays, so curious, I ventured onto the site, explored, registered and started posting w00t.gif

I give this place 9/10 cos of the dodgy server sometimes.

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# 28SoX Aug 22 2006, 20:57 PM

about an 8 imo wink.gif

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# 29valcan Aug 22 2006, 21:02 PM
i searched bfme2 cheats on google and it sed this site lol

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# 30I AM SUPER COOL LOL Aug 22 2006, 22:35 PM
8, my most visited site aside from GameFAQs, would be 9 if it had a server that didnt lag/crash at random, could be 10 without the google bot and the various hackers who try and get into the site ACQ etc wacko.gif

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# 31-Spartan`II7^ Aug 23 2006, 01:40 AM
I found this site this way:

I played online (ZH) and was up against somebody who used the SCUD Bug against me. Later in the lobby I started flaming laugh.gif
and some random guy I've never seen/noticed before told me to post this at gamereplays.org. I asked why and he said that they handle maphack and bug abusing and all this there, so I visited the site and wanted to upload the replay but I couldn't because I was a guest.
So I signed up banana.gif

I visit it because:

I really love the community and how everything is sort of connected to some of my favourite RTS games (ZH/BFME1/BFME2)

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# 32ChrisLeBlanc Aug 23 2006, 02:07 AM
I found it from Murders sig on Gamefaqs. THANK YOU MURDER.

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# 33Fr1est Aug 23 2006, 02:38 AM
I heard of this site by a friend. I came to eventually be known a lot better in front of respectful people and help the community for it's hard work smile.gif

I'd rate this site an 8, because it supports a game a heck of a lot! Although it doesn't support the best game I know of, imo. If it did, I'd give it a 10+ tongue.gif

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# 34-Wraith^ Aug 23 2006, 06:48 AM
I found the site by a friend: ExTrEmE wub.gif
I started making MH accusations here. I also tried to help the MHRR a bit. That's what kept me busy for a long time.
I give this site a 9/10 because of the server lags sometimes tongue.gif
Discussions FTW happy.gif

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# 35BloodDrops2094 Aug 26 2006, 17:21 PM
I found the site off the infamous zoidberg.

Rateing of 10/10 since its got every thing almost

I come to watch reps and now SC some of them biggrin.gif

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# 36W@r_M@n Aug 27 2006, 17:29 PM
I'm lookging for good discussions

wink.gif Thx !!

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# 37HuSsEiN Aug 28 2006, 07:50 AM
just Wanna some new friends banana.gif

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# 38.Titch Aug 29 2006, 00:40 AM
came here by another website btw biggest german bfme fanpage
wanted to see pro reps and learn new stats, than i found some great new friends here!
10/10 greatest page ever (AFTER GOOGLE) w00t.gif

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# 39Mr. Wrex Sep 8 2006, 20:15 PM
I found the link to this site on the FAQ link on the official EA BFME2 forums. Now I visit here because I think I have friends, and to gather news about new games and patches for old ones.

If it weren't for the ''the server is too busy'' errors, this stite would get a 9/10.

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# 40Eloryan Sep 9 2006, 00:38 AM
Flamewars is fun

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